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Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Taika Waititi Movie Reviews

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Julian Dennison plays Ricky Baker, a rebellious, chubby, twelve-year-old foster thug-life wanna-be who ends up dumped by an exasperated social worker to a childless couple, kind-hearted Bella and her cynical husband Hec, a last-chance effort from the foster placement, out on a remote farm in rural New Zealand. “Bad Egg” Ricky hates his new environment about as much as he's hated everyplace else he's been, choosing to run away at his first opportunity, only to find that he hasn't a clue where he can go or how to survive out in the wilderness that surrounds the farm. However, circumstances result in injured Hec and Ricky, who is adamant about never returning to foster child services, stuck out in that wilderness, becoming misunderstood fugitives caught up in a high-publicity manhunt (hence the title), and Ricky's going to have to learn “the knack” of survival out in “the Bush” of New Zealand.

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