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J. D. Parks and Sharifah Hardie Podcast Interview

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Since 1998, J.D. has been an advocate for social justice and education. She decided to become an English teacher while sitting in a predominately white classroom where she was constantly underestimated and critiqued as opposed to her white classmates. While in that classroom, she made a very premature, yet worthwhile, decision to be an advocate for students like her, the ‘Dems (the black vernacular for ‘them’) who are continuously ignored, alienated, and undervalued.

J.D. Parks is the Author of ‘Tales of a First-Year Teacher’ available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Fresh out of graduate school and on the cusp of a four-year relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Caleb, Jada Harris moves back home to make a difference as the new 9th grade English Teacher at Caldwin High School, but nothing could have prepared her for the continuous bouts of scandal and drama that would rock the school in ways that Jada could not have imagined. With decisions about her teaching career and her love life hanging in the balance, Jada must navigate rocky waters fueled by her scheming colleagues, her shaky relationship, and a new love interest. Will she make it through the first year?

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