January 11th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Caroline Tapp-McDougall

Caroline Tapp-McDougall is the publisher of Caregiver Solutions magazine, a Canadian publication dedicated to the wellness of seniors, their caregivers, and their families. The author has a background in health care communications and extensive editorial experience in the areas of health, wellness, and disability as the managing editor of a number of Canadian magazines. She is also a respected speaker at conferences and events and is on the board of directors of the Canadian Abilities Foundation.

Find more information about Caroline at: https://www.caregiversolutions.ca/

2.)Marian Grace Boyd

Founder of Griefwalk, Marian Grace Boyd (B.R.E., B.A.Psych, M.A. Counselling Psych.) has 30+ years experience as a psychotherapist, adoption practitioner, and grief counsellor. She brings her formal training and experiences of grief together in order to cocreate Remember, It’s OK. Marian is passionate about helping people find peace. Follow her on www.instagram.com/rememberitisok.
Find more information about Marian at: https://www.rememberitsok.com/

3.) Dr. Scott Guerin

Dr. Scott Guerin has two masters and a doctorate in Human Development concentrating on spiritual development and is the author of the Angel In Training series. He has been an adjunct professor in psychology at Kean University in New Jersey, and works in the healthcare industry, specializing in medical education and health psychology. The driving force in his life has been a passion to understand God, Spirit, and his relationship with them. As a result, his life experiences and educational path focused on spiritual development.

Find more information about Dr. Scott at: https://angelintraining.org/

4.) Yehudit Silverman

Yehudit Silverman, M.A. R-DMT, RDT, is a Creative Arts Therapist, and former Chair of the Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University, Montreal. Her recent book, The Story Within – myth and fairy tale in therapy, shares her unique therapeutic approach that was created out of her clinical practice, and being a professor to graduate students for over 20 years. She is an award – winning documentary filmmaker and has screened her films on television, cinemas, conferences, and Universities. She received several federal and provincial grants to work on issues around suicide, and interfaith arts dialogue. She leads workshops, trainings, creative rituals, and presentations internationally

Find more information about Yehudit at: https://www.yehuditsilverman.com/

5.) Lisa Porter

I owned and operated a company called Vacation Pet Friendly (www.vacationpetfriendly.com). It is a website dedicated to travelers that want to take their pets. It has all the pet-friendly hotels, beaches, restaurants, parks, etc. for every city in the US. However, during the pandemic travel has bottomed out. Fortunately, for years, I have been developing pet products that are 100% natural. When covid broke out, I decided the time was right to turn this into a business.

Find more information about Lisa at: https://pawpurity.com/


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