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January 22nd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Kimberly “KP” LoveJoy

Transformation Coach and founder of LovejoyCo, Her aim is to aim to change trends by 1. Equipping parents as the #1 weapon for protecting little ones from the Pandora’s Box of predators, pedophiles, and porn, 2. Sharing the overcomer stories of inspiring humans who’ve chosen to break up with porn for good, and 3. Providing love, empathy, and tools to the beautiful ones who are stuck in the trenches.

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2.) Priska Diaz
Priska Diaz is MS, Founder & CEO of Bittylab and inventor of the Bare® Air-free technology. As an immigrant woman, She wanted more than what life had for me. She worked two, sometimes three jobs to make a living while learning English, going to college, and, eventually, graduating with a Master’s degree.

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