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January 26th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Brian Morton

Dr. Brian Morton is an entrepreneur, a teacher, and he has a decade of experience teaching in the field of education. he helps savvy professionals like you elevate your skills and dominate your profession using language.

Find more information about Brian at:

2.)Leigh Fatzinger

Leigh oversees the overall strategy, marketing, and product vision at Turbine Labs. He founded the company in 2014 to address a simple yet widespread issue among senior-level decision-makers and teams: accessing accurate information is too difficult. Leigh is a serial entrepreneur in the big data and social media space, having previously founded Prosodic, a predictive analytics firm, and Nology Media, a social media management firm. He serves on the board of trustees of the John Austin Cheley Foundation
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3.) Angela Proffitt
Angela Proffitt is an award-winning eight-figure entrepreneur and CEO of GSD Creative. She is no stranger to the spotlight and is currently the host of the Business Unveiled podcast. As a consultant with several books as well as an in-demand speaker, Angela has appeared on ABC, CMT, TLC, E! as well as other national networks. With a degree in psychology and proven expertise in productivity.

Find more information about Aangela at:

4.) Gareth

Gareth is an entrepreneur business owner of a Growth Marketing agency called Got Legs Digital. He is a successful Growth Marketing Specialist with over ten years of experience and a BA Honours degree in Strategic Brand Leadership, and a National Diploma in Public Relations & Communications. A self-starter with an entrepreneurial approach who holds a mastery of expertise working for a range of Fortune 500 brands and start-ups across the UK, Ireland and EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). He has build the first ethical Growth Marketing Agency in the UK.
Find more information about Gareth at:

5.) David Galownia

David Galownia is the CEO of Slingshot: a software and app development company in Louisville. We describe ourselves as Big Kids and Daredevils; we build products that have ingenuity, integrity, adventure, and fun. David excels at propelling Slingshot towards their goals and oversees the strategic direction of the company. He’s been described as ‘intense, driven, caring, and passionate’ both at work and play.

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