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January 27th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Radiance W. Harris

Radiance W. Harris, Esq. is an award-winning trademark attorney, bestselling author, and speaker. As the founder and managing attorney of Radiance IP Law, she helps small and emerging businesses protect, monetize, and leverage profitable brands with trademarks. She has successfully represented startups and multinational corporations across diverse industries. Previously, she worked at one of the world’s largest law firms representing Fortune 200 brands.
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2.) Ray Ellin, Comedy Cloud
Ray Ellin is EP at Comedy Central, Founder of Comedy Cloud, owner Aruba Ray’s Comedy Club, host of upcoming show ’House Arrest’ Executive Producer of Comedy Central show “This Week at the Comedy Cellar.” Recently wrapped season three. Founder/Owner Aruba Ray’s Comedy Club, Number One Nightlife Activity and Show in Aruba since 2013. Host/Creator/Producer of “LateNet with Ray Ellin,” the first web-based talk show to simultaneously combine both in-studio and online audiences.

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3.) Sally Powis-Campbell

Sally Jade Powis-Campbell is known online and in the community as a playful and holistically inclined helper in her roles as a mom, psychologist, public speaker, motivator, yoga teacher, meditation guide, mindful food and drink experience curator, and competitive runner. She has a special interest in nutritional psychology, health psychology, family therapy, mindfulness, and play therapy. Her mindfulness knowledge and certifications are extensive, including mindful eating, mindfulness for performance in business and athletics, mindfulness for kids and teens, mindfulness for stress reduction, and yoga teacher training. Powis-Campbell and her family can be followed on Instagram @wholistichealthmama.

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4.) Marina L. Reed

Author of Primrose Street, Marina L. Reed (honB.A., M.A., B.Ed.) has worked as a researcher and writer for CBC Television and has lived and worked in countries around the world as an author, educator, journalist, and artist. Her experiences are brought to life through her fiction and non-fiction writing. She is a great lover of nature, of animals, and the empowerment of individuals.

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