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January 28th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Dawn F. Landry

Bestselling author, Dawn F. Landry founded Authentizity in February 2017 as an independent business growth strategist to confidentially assist individuals and organizations with customized programs designed to advance their leadership/management proficiencies, team cohesiveness and business development/outreach effectiveness. Leveraging Gallup CliftonStrengths Certification and prior, hands-on, corporate executive experience, Authentizity provides consulting, training and coaching services that optimize technical teams by maximizing their engagement and productivity to drive performance and realize the organization’s vision. No two programs are alike, just as no two client companies are the same.

Find more information about Dawn at:

2.) Cheryl McColgan

Heal Nourish Grow, an ultimate wellness, advanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle site. Our intention is to share our experience and insight through unique content that will help you transform and live your best life. What we’ve learned over years of experimenting with nutrition, yoga, fitness, self-exploration, psychology, meditation and creativity will inspire you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling and most importantly, FUN life!

Find more information about Cheryl at:

3.) Lesley Hooper

Lesley is the founder and owner of Peer Hopes! She is a life coach and certified in Texas as a peer specialist and supervisor and She had a journey to get here to this place. She had ups and downs, and merry go rounds. also been in hospitals and psych clinics since she can remember.

Find more information about Lesley at:

4.) Keith L. Brown

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Keith L. Brown, is known nationally and globally as, “Mr. I’m Possible. He’s a Professional Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach and Director of External Affairs in the Georgia Senate. The author of, “Talk Is Expensive: Communicating Effectively to expand your Impact, Influence and Income is a frequent guest on Nationally Syndicated Radio and many locals as well as a contributing writer on Career Advancement, Education, Social Justice and Entrepreneurship.

Find more information about Keith at:


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