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Jeannette Paxia Live on Ask Sharifah Videocast & Podcast

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For as long as she can remember the basis of Jeannette’s life has been what can she do today to change the world. Working in the medical field for over 25 years, always striving to help more people. When her mom died her focus changed, realizing that life really is short. Knowing she could help more people, she changed the way she helped people. What better way to reach her goals than to be trained by Chicken Soup For the Soul co-author Jack Canfield.

Jeannette is now a sought-after speaker and coach for adults and children. She’s passionate about helping everyone live the life that they want to live, no matter what age they are. Jeannette has a way of not only engaging the audience but also giving them the confidence and tools needed to change their lives. In addition to speaking and coaching, she is an author her SuperHero Book and presentation will not only guide children to find their unique qualities but also will engage adults as well. In May, she is also one of 30 authors who share their inspirational stories in the #1 bestselling Inspired Impact series, in the book Women Who Rise.

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