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July 17th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Suneeta Shannon

Suneeta Shannon is a radio host with 2.3 million listeners. She has been an international teacher in the Middle East the past five years. She is a native of South Carolina and an HBCU alumni of Claflin University. Her graduate studies at the University of Alaska: Fairbanks introduced her to Behavior Modification. She has worked with the Eskimo population, lived on an Indian reservation in Arizona, teaching Navajo & Apache youth, and continues to teach abroad.

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2.) Vinnie Enriquez

Vicente Enriquez aka Vinnie is the team lead of The Enriquez Group power by Keller Williams Realty. Also host the Road to Growth Podcast. Vinnie has a background in construction spending time in Afghanistan as a US construction contractor. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Menlo College, where he double majored in Business and Mass Communication. Vinnie is a San Diego Native with a huge love for San Diego sports.

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3.) Karen Tibbals

Karen Tibbals is a former marketing executive at major multinational companies, who left to go to seminary. While she was there, she found a theory that changed the way she looked at conflict. She has written a book about how to apply this theory in situations of conflict.

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4.) Brian Mac Mahon

Brian Mac Mahon is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has owned companies in over 35 countries. He is also the owner of Expert DOJO, who are the largest International startup accelerator in Southern California. At Expert DOJO early stage startups receive $100,000 investment, success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. All you want to know about Brian is contained in his TEDx talk –

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