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July 23rd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Helena James

Helena is an Educational Consultant currently based in Kuwait. She is currently writing and illustrating her books. Helena is platforming her domain to showcase education.

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2.) Rosalind Booker

Rosalind is CEO of Arbrook Realty – A full-service real estate company in Allen, TX, serving Collin County and surrounding DFW cities. Since 1996, Roz has been birthing dreams and building legacies in real estate: residential & commercial, sales, leading and property management.

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3.) Lauren Wilson

Lauren has lived and worked in fashion in NYC for 8 years. She began her career working in PR for Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Then she received a masters in costume studies at NYU, which studied fashion through the lens of academia. Last year, Lauren founded Dora Maar, a lifestyle-driven luxury fashion consignment platform.

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