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July 24th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Brittani Lane-White

Brittani Lane-White is the Special Projects and S.T.E.A.M. Academy Director for a small SC School District where she manages programs supporting the education of nearly 800 students in grades Pre-K to 12th grade. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis on Adult Learning and Curriculum Development.

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2.) Donna F. Brown

Donna F. Brown is an author, musician, and certified yoga teacher. She recently published her first book, Finding Medusa – The Making of an Unlikely Rock Star. This is an autobiography about her amazing life as a child of the tumultuous ’60s, the legendary music, the drugs, and how she survived through it all. The heart of this story describes Donna’s journey from obscurity to finding her place in musical history and worldwide acclaim for the music she created with her rock band, Medusa.

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3.) Susan Ascher

Susan P. Ascher is President and CEO of The Ascher Group, an award winning national consulting firm, Founder of The Sphere of Excellence in CommunicationTM. .Course Connections, and most recently Culinary Connections. Susan is an executive coach, as well as a business coach, keynote speaker, having helped countless executives, their teams, as well as individuals, raise the bar in their careers and organizations. Susan is the author of Dude, Seriously, It’s NOT All About You! and Dude, Seriously, Get Your ASK In Gear! She is currently at work on her third book in the trilogy.

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4.) Suneeta Shannon

Suneeta Shannon is a radio host with 2.3 million listeners. She has been an international teacher in the Middle East the past five years. A native of South Carolina and an HBCU alumni of Claflin University. Her graduate studies at the University of Alaska: Fairbanks introduced her to Behavior Modification. She has worked with the Eskimo population, lived on an Indian reservation in Arizona, teaching Navajo & Apache youth, and continues to teach abroad.

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5.) Barry Moline

Barry Moline has been bringing people together in the workplace for four decades. As the current Executive Director of the California Municipal Utilities Association, Barry knows the importance of synergy and diplomacy, and what can go wrong in their absence. There is power in sharing our personal stories as a means of connection.

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