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July 28th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Yvette Pye

Yvette L. Pye, PhD is a Founder, Educator, Author, Community Advocate, and a Professor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in the Doctor of Leadershi​p Program teaching and advising doctoral students.
She holds a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Geography (Urban Social) from the University of Minnesota.

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2.) Zayd Abdul-Karim

Consultant, Trainer, Mentor for transformational learning in personal and professional development. Expertise in leadership, team and organization development. Write and teach on peace of mind and happiness, especially during times of uncertainty.

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3.) Paul Kotz

Kotz, is an experienced professor teaching Leadership, Organizational Effectiveness and Ethics, a respected life coach and the author of the previous book “SOMETHING HAPPENED TODAY – A COLLECTION OF THE UNEXPECTED – which focused on the little “miracles” that happen in everyday life.

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4.) Joshlyn Ross

Joshlyn is a Homebuying Consultant & Podcaster with a personal mission to help 50 women purchase their first home within the next 365 days. She knows how overwhelming the process can be because she went through it. Joshlyn is uses her podcast and platform to empower other aspiring homebuyers to take control of their finances so that they can begin to build generational wealth.

Find more information about Joshlyn at:

5.) Keith Leon S.

Keith Leon S. is a multiple international bestselling author, a book publisher and a vibrational visionary. He’s spoken on some of the largest stages in the world, and done a ton of media, including the Jenny McCarthy show… and he’s done my show before too. Welcome to the show, Keith Leon S.

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