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July 30th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Tamara Lilien

Tamara Lilien, of CannaLily Consulting and the Cannabis Cooking Company ( in Toronto, is the expert among experts when it comes to all aspects of cannabis. You have likely never met an official Cannabis Sommelier before – she is one of less than ten thousand people worldwide to hold that designation!

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2.) Anne-Marie Fischer

Anne- Marie is an incredible example of a power woman carving out her own path in the industry. A lifelong educator, she brings her impressive degrees (Combined Honours BA in English & History, a Diploma in Human Resources Management, and a Master of Education) and international research and consultancy experience to the canna – table, “filling a need for professional, accurate writing and research” in the cannabis space.

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3.) Kelly Addison

Kelly is the founder of the much loved Kelly’s Green Lounge, a cannabis education and entertainment lounge supported by the Mayor and city council in the tiny village of Orono, Ontario. Thanks to Kelly’s incredible outreach work, the Mayor even showed up at the ribbon cutting and the local business association sent a welcome gift. Kelly’s Lounge is warm, welcoming, supportive and deeply in love with cannabis – and that describes its owner too

Find more information about Kelly at:

4.) Michele Parrotta

Just a few years after entering the industry at the age of 55, Michele “Mimi” Parrotta is a true cannabis influencer, not just working with brands, clinics and advising people on cannabis use, but as the founder of the exciting new brand, “After 5 years as a senior Cannabis educator, I am filling an important gap that I have seen, creating a safe space for people 50 plus who are new to recreational cannabis and medical cannabis use.”

Find more information about Michele at:

5.) Dailisha Rodriguez

Dailisha Eve Rodriguez is an award-winning business and career Executive Coach, radio personality, Tedx Talk Presenter, Motivational Speaker, Transformational and Empowerment Trainer. Dailisha specializes in facilitating transformative workshops, conferences, retreats, supporting communities, individuals and groups to achieve personal and professional goals. She is the Executive Director of Hey There Beautiful Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers women and young girls to live their dreams through education, motivation, self-awareness and self-development.

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