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July 31st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Jade Elizabeth

Jade Elizabeth is a Best Selling author of “Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Self-Esteem Book” 15 Essential Steps for gaining and keeping high self-worth. In her 17 years of practice she has helped thousands of women transform their lives through her teaching, coaching, guidance and mentoring.

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2.) Lucy Ruth

Lucy is an author and a motivational speaker and a Guinness world record participant. Her four ebooks have made it to number 1 best sellers 5X on Amazon. and also number 1 New Release titles. Lucy’s personal story is an inspiring one. Lucy has a vision to empower young people to believe in themselves and chase their dreams.

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3.) Count Klassy

Count Klassy is a new age hip hop artist coming out of Canada’s musical hub, Toronto. He’s been ghostwriting for Grammy-Award winning artists for 5 years, handling their digital marketing portfolios, while simultaneously working on his own music, developing new sounds and styles to bring into the hip hop genre as an LGBTQ artist.

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4.) Ken Rusk

Ken Rusk specializes in mentoring and has coached hundreds of young people in areas such as short-, mid-, and long-term goal setting, life visualization, career paths, and sound financial planning. He is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams regardless of their educational background or past.

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