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July 7th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Kyle Klaus

Kyle is an actor and a successful entrepreneur. He opened his first business in 2012, Prestige Properties, a real estate firm in NJ, which now has multiple offices. Klaus is also the owner/ founder of TNP: The North Pole, an online retail company. While running successful businesses, Klaus can also be seen on TV shows like The Blacklist, Billions, Homeland, Happy! And The Last O.G. to name a few.

2.) Stanley Cayo

Stanley is a Licensed Agent with New York Mutual Life Insurance Company. A 32 yr old who’s dedicating his time, efforts, and capabilities to serve people. His goal is to educate folks on the importance of Financial Planning, how to insure Financial Security by leaning your ladder on you not on an organization.

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3.) Greg Digneo

Greg used to run online marketing for a company called Time Doctor, growing to over 168,000 organic visitors per month; which generated over 8,000 leads per month. Now, he is growing two separate blogs: and using the same principles he’s experimented with at Time Doctor. Greg would love to share the lessons he’s learned with entrepreneurs.

Find more information about Greg at:

4.) Sabriya Dobbins

Sabriya Dobbins is the Founder and CEO of Project Passport and she focuses on helping women regain control of their lives and discover the joy that they are entitled to! Through virtual retreats, she has been helping women and some men find purpose, overcome stress, and boost productivity.

Find more information about Sabriya at:

5.) Jim Laughren

Jim Laughren, CWE, is the award-winning author of “50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation” and “A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine.” He is president of WineHead Consulting and a former importer-distributor of fine wines from around the world.

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