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June 10th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Susan Lindner
Cultural Anthropologist. Brand Marketer. Disruptor. Susan got her start as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, helping turn prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she’s the founder of Emerging Media, a branding, PR and marketing agency dedicated to helping tech founders reach their finish lines.

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2.)Allyson Roberts
Allyson Roberts knows what it takes to make it in this world. As a young woman who found herself homeless, pregnant and forced to live in her car she turned to the writing of Napoleon Hill for comfort and guidance. Little did she know then what a huge impact his philosophies would make on her life. As a cognitive-behavioral expert along with her natural intuition, Allyson has guided thousands of people all over the world to find their internal power.

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3.)Martha Sullivan
Baby boomers were known for flipping houses. Millennial entrepreneurs will, in turn, be the generation to grow and flip businesses. And they are in the position to help each other. Boomers are now thinking about their “Big Flip” – exiting ownership of their companies. Will they get what they need out of the business to fund their nest egg? How do they know? And if the value isn’t high enough, what can they do? This offers Millennials an opportunity to move into the ownership position – either through a family business or other means.

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4.) Lacey Hennessey
Lacey Hennessey is a self-taught artist, muralist, and entrepreneur based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Her body of work is often a reflection of her personality — colorful and fun, displaying bold lines and patterns, all with purpose. She is a ‘chameleon of the arts’, meaning her style and techniques are adaptable, which is a welcomed advantage for clients who have their own goals and visions for space. Lacey’s mediums range from digital applications to acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media collages, and textile design.

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5.) Christy Murdock Edgar
Christy Murdock Edgar is a content writer, consultant, and coach who helps real estate and business professionals stand out as industry leaders through effective content marketing strategies. As a contributor and educator for leading real estate companies such as Inman, ReminderMedia, and, Christy is a trusted leader in real estate marketing.
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