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June 1st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Amanda Wojtas
Amanda Wojtas founded Eternal Fleur ( when she was twenty-five years old while living in the heart of New York City. While she flourished her way through the fashion industry, Amanda knew she had always wanted to run her own business, having worked at male-dominated companies since graduating from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She picked flowers because they make people happy.

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Shifra Baltinester is an elder-loneliness solution and community-strengthening expert. Inspired by her 94-year-old Holocaust survivor mother, Shifra left a leadership career in Information Technology to start and manage Social Bridge, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing ways to alleviate the loneliness of elders while building relationships between generations.
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3.)Jayne Marquis
Dr. Jayne Marquis is reminded daily of the incredible intelligence of nature. Nature that teaches and supports us. She believes that to be in harmony with nature and so with our own bodies can bring us clarity, love, growth and fulfillment. Jayne has always loved challenging herself: she was a Canadian Ballroom dance champion, a pilot, and a trampolinist and an equestrian.

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4.)Amy Hage & Brittney Trahan

They are founders of Strategy Maven, a digital marketing agency, that recently launched last year! (Yes, mid-pandemic). They both came from toxic work environments prior to launching our business and are happy to share our stories and experiences. They love chatting about marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and the journey that comes with it.
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5.) Michelle
Michelle is an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for physical fitness. As a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science and Fitness and advanced training for special populations, including but not limited to Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pregnancy, Children and Youth, Diabetes, Stroke, PVD, COPD, Asthma, Cancer, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS, MS and Joint Rehab., she has spent her career providing exceptional training at every stage of a person’s life.

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