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June 8th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Michelle Boulden Hammond
Michelle Boulden Hammond is an Author/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/ Psalmist creating a Revolution of Inspiration,
Michelle Boulden Hammond is a multitalented woman that handles her faith, marriage, business and professional relationships with the power of inspirations. A small-town country girl from Talbot County, MD who has risen above life challenges from birth defect to low self-esteem, rejection and mental abuse.

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2.)Alicia Garner
Meet the businesswoman who is making a cultural impact in the black community. Alicia Garner is a first-generation American, experienced businesswoman, mother, creativity leader, and founder of Kulture Elevation.

After graduating with her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, her daughter’s talent inspired Alicia to create an organization that would cultivate confidence and creativity among black artists.

As Kulture’s founder, Alicia’s goal is to use her platform to create a community that will empower black artists and creators. In addition to her passion, she has an extraordinary commitment to preserving these stories in hopes of passing them on to the next generation of creative minds.

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3.) Jeremy Nunes
Jeremy Nunes has been performing standup comedy since 2002. In 2019, he released a Dry Bar Comedy special. In 2020, he released a standup special on Amazon Prime. In May of 2021, he realeased a humor book retelling his real-life hilarious experience as mayor of his rural hometown, titled “You Can’t Write City Hall.”
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4.) David Chapman
David nearly drown in a river… three times in one day. He’s also been kicked out of Costa Rica. Listen in on the stories of an unassuming pay-per-click genius. He’s been managing Google Ads since 2004, and he’s here today to tell you how to stop bleeding money on paid ads and start gaining a positive return.
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