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Justin Caffrey – An INWARD journey, From Capitalism to Spiritualism.

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In this episode, Jayne interviews Justin Caffrey. A story of capitalism to spiritualism. After losing his son 10 years ago he turned to Eastern Philosophy and neuroscience to aid in his own recovery. “When we try to brush trauma under the carpet, it is hard to ignore the large lump under your feet. Hard to ignore as you try stepping over it every day”. He speaks from a heart-based personal experience place that resonates with all who listen. Justin was a  proven multi-business entrepreneur. A certified investment fund and private equity professional. He now holds a master’s in mindfulness-based interventions from the University College of Dublin and shares a wealth of information from eastern philosophy, neuroscience, and the vagus nerve.  an incredible story about a journey from outward to inward. Join us and spiral up!

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your vision – your destiny – your flow state, with Justin Caffrey

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