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Karl Moore – Author of “Natures Twist and the Spirals of Life” explains homeopathy and SO much more. #homeopath/physicist

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Jayne and Shel interview Karl Moore a physicist, homeopath, and writer form Ireland. In this interview so many fascinating topics are covered. He explains the nature of water, how the greatest scientific minds have discovered its ability to change form, and hold information, and deep explanation homeopathy an information/energetic medicine works. Discussed is the information field, and how this field allows expression in nature and in us, and allows for the movement of information across the globe. Also,  the ubiquitous nature of spirals, how they exist everywhere, the universe, in nature and within us. The properties of water and how it spirals to stay energized, the best water to drink, how WE are 90 percent water and so how homeopathy, the environment and the way we think influences our health. Also discussed are resonance and coherence between the mind and heart and what this means. Join us for this and more and become INpowered. 

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This podcast is for information purposes only and represents the views and opinions of the speakers. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any naturl, complimentary or conventional treatment.

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