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Keanu (2016) Key & Peele – Movie Review

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Key stars as Clarence, a straight-laced suburbanite who is lured by his recently broken-up slacker cousin Rell, played by Peele, to finally cut loose with his wife away for the weekend. Little do they know that this 'cutting a little loose' might involve strippers, drugs and murder, as Rell's adorable kitty, which has given him his long-lost mojo back, has been taken in a mistaken-identity burglary by Cheddar, the leader of the gang called the Blips (those who left the Bloods or Crips), who will only give Keanu back if the men, who are posing Tectonic and Shark Tank, out-of-towner hitmen called the Allentown gang (mute, trench-coated thugs also played by Key and Peele), who are also on the lookout for the lovable kitten that got away from them during a gunfight at the film's intro.

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