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Leslie Zann and Sharifah Hardie interview

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Leslie Zann and Sharifah Hardie interview

Leslie Zann is a dynamic speaker who has presented live to over a hundred-thousand entrepreneurs and sales professionals around the world, and helped thousands more through her online courses.   A keynote speaker on the 2019 Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy World Tour, she inspires her audiences to be bold, harness their unrealized potential, and create Outrageous Achievement.   Her publications include: Grow Rich Thinking and Choose to Be A Champion. She’s currently writing Outrageous Achievement.  Leslie holds the National Speakers Association’s highest earned designation. CSP: Certified Speaking Professional.   Leslie doesn’t stop at inspiring you. She takes you all the way up to what she calls Outrageous Achievement.

Her mission is to help you overcome your fears, discover your unrealized potential, and choose courage … in all areas of your life.

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