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Lisa Tahir – author of “The Chiron Effect”

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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with Lisa Tahir, author of “The Chiron Effect”. Endorsed by his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Chiron is a little-known planet that in astrology is known to illuminate that which is hidden. Find out how to find your needed place of healing, and why illuminating and healing our own core wounds help us become empowered.  Using astrology as a diagnostic tool, Lisa Tahir reveals how to use the
astrological placement of the minor planet Chiron in your birth chart to identify the core wounds and unconscious patterns that block your
capacity to have self-empathy and to forgive. Coining the phrase “Chiron effect” to describe the magnetic pull that individuals have around specific areas of vulnerability, she explains how, like a raw nerve, the placement of Chiron describes what parts of our lives we might edit or hide for fear of being rejected as well as the areas of sensitivity where we are triggered. A fascinating conversation with Lisa. Join us and spiral up!

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