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Maggie’s Plan (2015) Greta Gerwig – Movie Review

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Greta Gerwig plays liberal arts college advisor Maggie Hardin, 30-something in age, neurotic in stage, feeling her biological clock is ticking in thunderous tones, thinking it best to go the route of artificial insemination, given her history with men seems to be little more than a bunch of relationships that fail before the six-month period. Through a clerical mishap at the school she works in, she's introduced to adjunct ficto-critical anthropology professor John Harding, who immediately becomes colleagues and even fast friends with her, then more. Trouble is, he's married with two kids. Flash forward about three years and Maggie has the child she's dreamed of having in daughter Lily, and a husband in John, who left his more successful anthropology professor wife Georgette and two kids to pursue a life with Maggie, she's no longer sure she wants to be with. Unable to leave things in an untidy state by just walking away from the marriage, Maggie's titular plan is to try to manipulate the romantic reunion of John with Georgette so that they can all come away with how things should have been.v

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