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March 11th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Julie Gordon White
Julie Gordon White is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling business author, TEDx speaker, and has advised thousands of business owners as the founder & CEO of BlueKey Mergers & Acquisitions, a boutique multi-million dollar firm she founded in 2004, and through her bestselling book, “EXIT! 12 Steps to Sell Your Business for the Price You Deserve”.

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2.) Keyana The Artist
Keyana- The Artist : “God gave glory over my life and I’m a walking testimony.”Keyana- The Artist is a self-taught poet from Mid-West Indiana. She has been writing inspiring, captivating, and educational poems for over a decade now. Keyana- The Artist blazed onto writing arena back in 2010 when she was in high school and has performed in conferences, churches, and as an open mic performer. She has also performed poems in many cities including Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois; Richmond, Indiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Atlanta, Georgia.

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3.) Cassandra Shuck

Cassandra has always been good at “the hustle.” From a young age, Cassandra grew up thinking that she had to be self-sufficient to find success. This motivation helped her escape from a home stricken with verbal and physical abuse.
Her entrepreneurial endeavors taught her how trauma and unhealed wounds could manifest and affect the

Find more information about Cassandra at:

4.) Kathe Kline

Kathe Kline helps people who are turning 65 navigate the confusing world of Medicare. She also helps people who are Powers of Attorney for their loved ones change their loved one’s plan to something that works better for their loved one who is likely in assisted living or memory care.

Find more information about Kathe at:


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