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March 4th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Midori Verity
Midori is a mindset coach, TV-show host of ‘The MOX Life Show’, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals with unlocking their potential by replacing their subconscious mental barriers. Midori is a DISC certified Human Behavioral Specialist, personally trained by the women who created the program used by Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. You may have seen her on CBS, Fox News, and Thrive Global.

Find more information about Midori at:

2.)Dawn Witte

Desire to Inspire is a nonprofit organization that connects with communities around the world to break the cycle of extreme poverty. Our global partnerships and outreach initiatives provide resources to fulfill basic needs and bring sustainability and love to people all over the world.
Find more information about Dawn at:

3.) Anita Mahaffey
Anita Mahaffey is CEO/Founder of Cool-jams, Inc. maker of specialty sleep products. Her corporate office is located in San Diego, CA. Cool-jams can be found online at and was recently selected as one of the top innovative apparel companies by Apparel Magazine.

Find more information about Anita at:

4.) Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Lifecoaching. She is an award-winning Author, relationship expert, motivational speaker, positive change integrator, and spiritual coach who has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults and couples. She focuses her tools and techniques on overcoming past negative experiences and making positive changes in our thoughts and lives.

Find more information about Maureen at:

5.) Ari Baum

After spending 17 years working on Wall Street. Ari felt there was a better way to help people reach their dreams. So in 2014, She opened Endurance Wealth Partners – where we help others turn their fear of finance into freedom.

Find more information about Ari at:


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