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March 5th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Ravi Kathuria
Ravi Kathuria is a spiritual seeker on life’s most important journey from the mind to the soul. Ravi is the author of “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” A parable about modern, practical, and non-religious spirituality, it is the engaging story of a young entrepreneur struggling with business and family challenges and a senior executive dealing with problems of his own creation.

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2.)Lisa Ealy

After finding 7 jobs out of 9 since 1991 / in the last 25 years (the last few 6 figures +) without a recruiter or even seeing the jobs advertised anywhere online. And helping hundreds to do the same. I learned one important thing about the hidden job market.
That the vast majority of high-paying roles will be found without following the formal job sites, processes and tiresome online application hurdles.
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3.) Hannah Kuspira
Hannah Kuspira co-owns KNOWLEJOBLE with her husband, Joseph. KNOWELJOBLE provides career advising resources to ambitious young people in their pursuit of prosperity and value. They believe that our careers exist for more than just “making money” and it’s their goal to help young people find successful careers in fields that they can make an impact and provide abundantly for themselves and their families.

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4.) Gequinn Mattox

A native of Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Denver, CO since 1984. She is the mother of one daughter and the grandmother of 3 grandsons. Since 1986, Gequinn has worked for the University of Colorado. Gequinn is a Program Coordinator on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO in the Center for American Indian & Native American Health.

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