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Marco Missinato, and “Journey of the Soul” – why we come here, the matrix and transmuting fear with appriciation.

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Join us, for this incredible interview,  Dedicated to Zara, an angel, who walked among us, sharing the  gift of unconditional love, with all she met.

 Jayne and Shel interview Marco Missinato, composer, artist, and creative communicator of “Unfolding Secrets” a symphony of the heart, “Sounds of Oneness” and now, “Journey of the Soul”. 

Marco gives us an inside look at how a “Journey of the soul” came to be. Marco describes what its like to be part of “oneness” and the choice to become incarnated on planet earth. He discusses the feeling of abandonment and separation as we enter this plane of earthly amnesia. Amnesia, of where we came from, and of what our purpose is. He describes his experience of awakening to his purpose, and the unfolding of compassion for the human experience. He discusses the false mirror, the inverted matrix, and how to embrace it all, with love and appreciation. Shared are the valuable tools of neutrality and connecting to the heart. Truly an interview to heal, and inspiration to connect to who we truly are, strong, whole and empowered.

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