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Marian Grace Boyd – A paradigm shift for sadness, grief, and shocking change, “Remember it’s ok.”

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In this episode, Dr. Jayne Marquis ND HOM interviews Marian Boyd who has an MA in Counseling  Psychology from Wheaten Grad School in Illinois. Life prepared Marian to become a mentor and teacher about grief, sadness, change. Experiencing grief and sadness in early childhood and then again after a miscarriage. Her story is inspiring and helps us all deal with the realities that are part of living, disappointment, sadness, and grief. She discusses how it’s a process, something to go through, something that is different for everyone. And, eventually, as she has,… we may see it as a catalyst and a gift. She has co-written a series of books “Remember it’s ok” with Marina L Reed. Loss of a Partner, Loss of a Parent, Loss for Teens, Three more will be published in May 2021 Loss of a Pet, Loss of a Sibling or Friend, and Loss of a Child.

 “Marina and I have written the books we both wish we could have had in our dark places of loss.  Our hope that is that the books will bring  hope and life back to grieving people.”

Marian states   “How we have become a grief-avoidant society and the impact on us when we experience loss, whether through death or a  life-loss, or change.  We need to learn how to grieve again and we need to learn how to support grieving people.  And the absolute best way for this to happen is Peer-to-Peer.  the majority of folks who grieve don’t need to connect with a professional, they just need folks, ordinary folks, to walk alongside them in their loss journey.    the residual being impact when grief is blocked or stuffed down is life-long and life-debilitating.  It impacts us physically, emotionally,  spiritually, intellectually – every part of us with being affected through unresolved grief.”

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