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May 10th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Felix Palafox
Felix is a Mexican makeup artist, Instructor, and founder of Adonis Arcana: A Men’s cosmetics brand. Working for over a decade in the Beauty industry, he experienced first-hand the rise in male identifying individuals shopping for makeup. He also noticed how hard it was for them to find (and trust) products that would work for them.

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2.)Jamiel Winchester
Jaycee is the owner of An online adult store

Find more information about Jamiel at:

3.) Graham Davies
Graham Davies spent 14 years working in top-tier finance roles across the UK. He started Addition after noticing that SMEs weren’t getting the same level of quality financial insights that big companies were benefiting from. Since then, he’s been using his financial and accounting expertise to empower small business owners to grow and succeed!

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