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May 12th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Nai Kanell

Nai Kanell is the Chief Marketing Officer for SpaceIQ, a company whose cloud-based platform helps turn facilities and workplaces from cost centers into strategic business assets. She interacts and collaborates with customers, prospects, industry analysts, and other workplace management professionals to promote and improve the SpaceIQ platform.

Find more information about Nai at:

2.) Marie Urquidi

As a Filipino-American mom living in Southern California, Marie was raised speaking only English. Like herself and her husband, many families of different cultures didn’t pass on their native language to their children. She feel very fortunate to have her children in a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program.

Find more information about Marie at:

3.) JF Benoist

JF Benoist is the founder and program manager of The Exclusive Hawaii, a non 12 step, holistic addiction treatment center.

A certified substance abuse counselor, Benoist created the therapeutic methodology Experiential Engagement Therapy™ (EET) to help people more effectively resolve their self-destructive core beliefs..

Find more information about JF Benoist at:

4.) Marty Fidelman

Comedian and comedy show producer. Created the solo show, “The Adoption Diaries”.

Find more information about Marty at:

5.) James Vermillion

James is the Founder of Vermillion Private Wealth and Co-Founder of Wixology Candles.

As a teenager he became fascinated with investing. He read every investing book He could get in hands on and when He came home from school, He rushed to see what happened in the financial markets. Years later, this fascination continues..

Find more information about James: and


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