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May 13th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Kristina Shea
After a life-long career in corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies and the high-stress of the financial industry in Marketing & Communications, Kristina Shea was ready for change and she founded her passion project – “BlueSkys Life™”
Kristina has her own story — she has been widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss through these events, raised her young daughter as a single mother and as the single income earner.

Find more information about Kristina at:

2.)Bill Cook
Bill is 20-year cannabis farmer. Current Director of Operations at Kanna-Wise, a Tier 2 Indoor Rec Farm in Medford Oregon. Busted 3x. Served a year in prison. Super Woke 24 year Freemason.

Find more information about Bill at:

3.)Maya McNulty
A Covid Survivor on a mission to helping Survivors and their families with recovery support and recovery guidance. I survived Covid, this horrible experience led me to create a movement of wellness warriors.

Find more information about Maya at:

4.) Rahul
I am the founder of a web design and Google search marketing services for small businesses. I started in 2020 and happy to discuss the pros and cons of starting an online business.

Find more information about Rahul at:


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