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May 20th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) George L Bosselman
George is President/Director International Business Management/Risk Consultant, Native of the Chicago area. Has broad range of knowledge accumulated from his many years of work experience and education, with a BS and Masters in Business Management na and Doctorate in International Business na. Many appearances included speaking engagements, a guest & host on the Financial News Radio shows & also appearing TV.

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2.) Hans Phillips
Hans Phillips has been in business as a coach and consultant for twenty-nine years with 29,000 client hours. He works with clients around the world, supporting them personally and professionally to create and maintain sustainable high performance and the enjoyment of life. His work is based on emotional intelligence, conscious living, ontology, and phenomenology.

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3.)Kim Ledgerwood
Kim is a retired Toronto Police Officer who has overcome mental health issues and addictions. She retired after 30 years only to promote her passion and share it with whoever she can. She has written 2 chapters in the latest Series of Women Empowering Women to Succeed; Legacy, published in June. She is sharing her story on podcasts around the world and feels she is doing God’s work.

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4.) Celeste DeCamps
Celeste DeCamps is a motivational speaker. She shares a lifetime experience of stage dance and movement through engaging stories and fun audience interaction. Her presentations’ focus is to help women be confident as they pivot to a new challenge in their lives. She is also the co-founder of Authentic Voice LLC., where she helps people with their communication and presentation skills.

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