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May 21st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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1.) Marc W. Chiasson
Born in Windsor Ontario, went to college in London, ON. After graduation, moved to Toronto, spent almost 15 years in post production work, and felt it ran it’s course, wanted to go back to my first love which is music, and creating music for clients (did this part time while working with prod. companies).

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2.)Tam Luc
Tam Luc is a #1 International bestselling author, and founder of Women with Vision International who shares the triumphs, stress, and struggles of balancing her life to help women grow their business. After 20 years as a business entrepreneur, she helps women leverage their message and create the lifestyle they want through her own unique book messaging strategies.

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3.) Rozanne Weissman
Reknowned marketing communications exec and consultant with 60+ national and international awards. Curently children’s book author of unique ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe’despite disabilities/no computer anymore. Created entire book on iphone—dictating on Seri and laying out her wildlife photography and content on the SimplePrints app.

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