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May 26th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Sue Henry

Sue helps entrepreneurs generate leads and make sales from speaking WITHOUT pitchslapping the audience! These strategies work if you are presenting to groups, organizations, associations… AND when you are a GUEST on podcasts or online TV shows!

Find more information about Sue at:

2.) Dr. Kevin Corsini

Dr. Kevin Corsini is the President of San Diego Christian College. He has consulted with some of the largest online education programs in America. Has been an instructor online for over 10 years. And helped to build one of the largest online schools in America with 94K students.

Find more information about Kevin at:

3.) Eric G Reid

Eric is a coach, speaker, and catalyst of change. Eric’s mission is to help, impact and inspire people to take their life and their business to the next level and get more of what they want out of life. Eric truly believes that success in any area of life, be it business, financial, health or relationships starts with mastering your habits and controlling your mindset.

Find more information about Eric at:

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