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May 29th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Kerry Mellin

EazyHold was invented by three sisters – Kerry, Merrily, and Wendy – who love sports, gardening, cooking and the great outdoors. Nature’s inevitable wear and tear on their hands and joints had weakened their grip strength. With two Patents, design and utility, a trademarks and copyright their product is becoming a staple in hospitals, therapy, and pediatric centers. EazyHolds have become invaluable for those with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Rett syndrome, stroke, limb loss and other conditions that limit a person’s grip.

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2.) Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim is a motivational speaker, author, and personal finance consultant focused on education in the areas of mentorship mechanics, financial education, and entrepreneurship. He uses examples of his own personal experiences in his book “Mentorship: The Playbook” to cover techniques that maximize the mentorship interaction on both ends, often focusing on empowering the mentee as well as the mentor.

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3.) V.A. Tay

Taylor Daniels is the CEO & Founder of It’s V.A. | Tay, a virtual assistant company for wedding professionals. She helps wedding pros automate their biz & blow past 6+ figures without having a large following, without being on ALL the platforms, and without running ads! Taylor is an Ikea loving, iced-coffee drinking, enneagram #1, who likes tacos & avocados. She is committed to helping wedding pros feel empowered in their business so they can show up as the CEO & have the confidence to run a team effectively while hitting all of their goals.

Find more information about Taylor at:

4.) Kim Beeler

Kim Beeler, owner of Beeler Marketing is committed to help you promote your brand message as well as engage your customers through broadcast, print and digital media resources. Since May 2002 Kim has helped her clients take their core messages to targeted and credible media outlets across North America. She works strategically with the client to develop memorable campaigns with a goal to boost brand recognition and increase sales.

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