May 31st Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Alexandra Nima
Alexandra Nima is an artist and PR consultant currently living in Estonia. As an extravert ENFJ type personality- think Oprah, Barack Obama or Reese Witherspoon- she just loves working with people. Her artistic costumes are manifestations of one’s true self that can take any imaginable shape and form.
Anima is currently working on a novel type of flashmob with a bunch of Zoomers.

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2.)Holly Winter Huppert
Holly Winter Huppert is a kindergarten teacher by day. At night she runs 2 companies: a publishing company (Winuply Press) and a skin care company (Worthy Skin Care.)
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3.)Dasha Kroshkina
The 28-year-old Dasha Kroshkina is a solo entrepreneur. Dasha’s name recently appeared on two lists compiled by HolonIQ: the Global EdTech 800 list of the world’s most innovative EdTech startups and 200 Top Women CEOs and Founders Leading Global EdTech Startups.

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4.) Charlene Wheeless
Charlene Wheeless is a renowned communications pro, author, and speaker with more than three decades of experience in business, corporate affairs, and communications experience. She leads her namesake communications and business advisory firm, Charlene Wheeless LLC, and she is the senior advisor for equity and justice at APCO Worldwide, a global advisory and advocacy communications consultancy.

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5.) Candace Rucker
Candace Rucker is an Account Executive at VSC, a strategic communications firm focused on venture-backed tech. Her role includes media relations and messaging for clients across multiple verticals as well as working on agency culture, DE&I, and mentorship of the next generation of storytellers.
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