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Neelam Tewar and Sharifah Hardie interview

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Neelam Tewar and Sharifah Hardie interview

Neelam Tewar is a business strategist, poet and a two times TEDx speaker — she helps experts, authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches amplify their income, influence and impact with story, strategy and spirituality. Her global clients have included million $ business owners, coaches, lawyers, 2nd time entrepreneurs, writers, financial planners, even poets who have sought her to help them create businesses rooted in integrity, profitability and making a difference.

She is invited globally to give talks on conscious entrepreneurship, evolved leadership, creativity and functional spirituality; and was recently asked to speak at a UNESCO World Heritage event to a youth audience. She will be speaking at UN gathering this year and is slated to be featured as one of the top 80 expert/voices on Leadership psychology, late June.

Neelam will be hosting talks/workshops with educational institutions, entrepreneurs and corporate houses in 2019 in Asia, United States and Europe.


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