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November 13th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Stephanie Wagner

Here is a young female entrepreneur (in her 20’s with her team of all-female staff), all around the same age) trying to make the fashion industry more responsible in terms of health and environmental impact. She is starting with facemasks–especially since they sit on the face where toxins can be breathed in. It’s not just that though. She is passionate and knowledgeable about the topic and wants to see change. Let me know what you think.

Find more information about Stephanie at:

2.) Nelson Jordan

Nelson Jordan is a conversion copywriter, digital marketer, and host of the ‘Working From Home’ podcast. With more than 10 years’ experience helping companies grow their revenue, he provides tips, tricks, and strategies for success at his blog You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Find more information about Nelson at:

3.) Alicia Daugherty

Alicia Daugherty is a certified coach and founder and principal of Alicia Daugherty Coaching LLC, a leadership and executive coaching practice. She launched her practice after retiring from Comcast Cable as Vice President, Consumer Experience Transformation. Throughout her 30-year career in large corporations, her passion has been coaching, mentoring and developing leaders. She is bringing that passion to her practice to help leaders to be their best and find fulfillment in their work and in their lives.

Find more information about Alicia at:

4.) Fred Amrein

Fred is the founder/CEO of He is a nationally recognized expert in the entire college funding and student loan repayment process. Fred’s unique approach helps students and parents envision the financial outcome of a college education. He brings together the financial aid process, college saving plans, educational tax strategies, student financing, and loan repayment options. Fred developed the first comprehensive college funding and student loan repayment software.

Find more information about Fred at:


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