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November 25th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Kent Lewis

As President & Founder of Anvil Media, Lewis oversees strategic direction of the company, with a focus on sales and marketing. Under his leadership, Anvil has been recognized as a Fastest Growing, Most Philanthropic and Most Admired Company in Oregon. He speaks internationally, writes for industry publications like SmartBrief and Portland Business Journal and has been an adjunct professor at Portland State University since 2000. He’s founded or co-founded four agencies and two organizations since 1999, including pdxMindShare and SEMpdx in Portland.

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2.) Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon, a multi-award-winning SEO agency in London. Deepak bootstrapped the business from his mum’s house to the Pearl Lemon Group which did close to 500k in just it’s 3rd year. He’s since gone on to invest in algorithmic trading, launch 3 apps, build a 5-figure online course and start a fitness bootcamp franchise. Deepak Shukla has featured in TEDx, SEMrush, BBC, Chelsea FC, Appsumo, Bright Talks & more.

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3.) Pete OKeeffe

Pete O’Keeffe is CEO & Co-founder at Global Business Performance, Pete’s previous experience includes being a Bank Manager and Business Manager and Leadership Facilitator. He’s developed and run multiple successful businesses, is a property investor, a pilot and was a high ranking policeman.
Pete now enjoys building on and extending his 19 years of being a successful business transformation authority and Leadership Trainer.
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4.)Theresa Lina

THERESA M. LĪNA is the author of the bestselling book, Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More, and Have Customers Love You for It. She has over twenty years of experience as a recognized Silicon Valley thought leader and strategist. She is the CEO of Līna Group, Inc., which specializes in market dominance strategy, and has been involved at Stanford University since 2006. She has served as chief strategy and marketing officer for several technology startups and has advised executives at hundreds of companies, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Nike, Disney, Cisco, Verizon, dozens of other recognized names, and many smaller, niche companies.

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