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November 27th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Jodi J De Luca, PhD

Dr. Jodi J. De Luca is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience. She is cited interna-tionally in major journals and media venues for her expertise and research in emotion, behavior, and relation-ships. In addition to her private practice, Dr. De Luca is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Media Referral Service (MRS) and Disaster Response Network (DRN).

Find more information about Jodi at:

2.) Dr. Shakinah Judah

The ‘call to adventure’ for my soul’s journey has been 25+ years, hundreds of hours of meditation, energy healing, and karmic releasing. Doing the “deep” work has required a ‘call to adventure’ to find my soul’s mission and purpose. The journey of healing, awakening, and tapping into his soul’s purpose wasn’t always easy but was everything He could have ever imagined and so much more… ESPECIALLY the mystical spiritual emergence that He had 30 years ago.

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3.) Jamie R Wright

Jamie is an active speaker, coach, author and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, Shared her story for 60 Minutes, CBS, and BBC News pieces on domestic violence. Is a Senior Analyst with nearly two decades in finance and auditing with the federal government. Received awards and commendation for a time in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom

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4.) Mike Sander

He is the son of a financial advisor and Enrolled Agent. From a young age his father educated him on the importance of saving and how you can make your money grow. It’s not necessarily how much you make but how much you save. Over the last few years real estate investing through rental income has been a big part of his life. In his field most financial advisors advise to just invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds (liquid investments), He believes in that too but also adding rental real estate in the mix.

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5.) Lesley Hooper

Lesley is the founder and owner of Peer Hopes! She is a life coach and certified in Texas as a peer specialist and supervisor and She had a journey to get here to this place. She had ups and downs, and merry go rounds. also been in hospitals and psych clinics since she can remember.

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