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November 2nd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Carylee Carrington

Carylee Carrington is a passionate literacy advocate, children’s book author, and host of Reading with Carylee. She turned her writing from passion to necessity, when she sought to help her son adjust to public school Kindergarten after he was subject to a racist remark on the school playground. Carylee was fueled to write children’s literature that would help children learn to embrace and celebrate differences and create a kinder future: Everyone, Just Like Me (Archway Publishing, 2018), and Pretty Hair (Archway Publishing, 2019).

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2.) Iwona Ordon

After spending over 3/years away from her husband who lived in the United States, Iwona Ordon left her job at Google in Europe to follow her heart and moved to the U.S. in search of a career path filled with passion and purpose.” She felt strongly that whatever she did next, she wanted it to matter. While awaiting a work visa and with a little inspiration from her family and friends, Iwona realized that the baby clothes industry could use a little TLC. With her passion for sustainability and Nordic design, she decided to translate that into baby clothing. After a year of research and interviews with parents and rounds of prototype testing to perfect the design, TØY was born. TØY, inspired by Scandanavian style in connection with Iwona’s Norwegian upbringing, offers a minimalistic design to parents who are searching for aesthetically clean-looking as well as clean-manufactured clothing. A newborn’s skin is 30% thinner than adults, which is why all of TØY’s clothes are designed and manufactured with a baby’s safety and sensitivities in mind, making her brand truly an organic and sustainable option for parents who have both their child’s wellness and the planet in mind.

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3.) Viviana Puello
An artist, writer, curator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and unstoppable manifester dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs advance their careers, grow their business, and scale the ever-competitive international art scene so that they can make a living doing what they love.

Find more information about Viviana at:

4.) Lianne Kim

Lianne Kim is the founder of Mamas & Co, a Toronto-based online network that connects thousands of mom entrepreneurs through a digital community, offering online business courses, and virtual/in-person events around the world.

Find more information about Lianne at:


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