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November 3rd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Amy Trout Hughes

Since earning her MBA in 2012, Amy Trout Hughes embraced her entrepreneurial spirit in unexpected ways. Leaving behind a 20+ year career as a Federal government consultant, in 2016, Amy founded MarshmallowMBA after friends asked why she wasn’t selling the candy that they received as holiday gifts. She and her partner Sandra are now “in the business of marshmallows”! Based in York County, PA, MarshmallowMBA is a women-owned small business handcrafting gourmet marshmallow in 100+ flavors for retail and wholesale customers.

Find more information about Amy at:

2.) Tara Boehm

Tara is from Montana, where her dad owned two businesses as I grew up. she has been in CA for 1.5 years now and loves it. she is very outgoing; And love to hike, paddle board, a bike ride – anything outdoors! Fun fact, she has skydived 4 times! and has been in the PEO industry for 5+ years and am truly passionate about helping people.

Find more information about Tara at:

3.) Joyce A Kristiansson

Joyce Kristiansson is the owner of an Environmental Consulting company and the author of a book on personal sustainability – how we have to take care of ourselves so that we can make space to take care of the environment. “The Last Straw, Change Your Life and the Planet – for Good,” uses stories from my breast cancer journey and my personal reinvention since waking up from the chemo-induced fatigue that overtook my life until early 2019.

Find more information about Joyce at:


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