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October 14th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Tracy Lamourie

Tracy Lamourie is the CEO of Lamourie Media and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED – Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is a well-known longtime advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award-winning international publicist working across industries from major entertainment projects to small businesses.

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2.) Sagar Shah

Find more information about Sagar at:

3.) Natalia Armani

Natalia is a positive and outgoing person who is easy to talk to. She is always willing to help and collaborate with others as she believes it is important to be able to effectively do so for a positive working environment and to build win-win relationships. In terms of my personality, she is a direct person which makes me open minded and value integrity. At the same time, she is caring and has been told that She is a great leader and a hard worker. Most importantly, in everything I do I put my heart into it and I aim to inspire others through my charisma and positive energy.

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4.) Adeel Rajput

He has the unique ability to be a creative individual with a very sharp sense of business. He has never shied away from complexities or workload and this work ethic is evident in his team. Furthermore, he has never shied away from lending a helping hand for a good cause. His ability to think outside the box and think quickly on his feet is excellent – this has helped us navigate efficiently and with advantage. If you’re looking to partner with a success-oriented professional that is interested in taking his partners and clients along for the ride,

Find more information about Adeel at:

5.) Sir Sanju Ganglani

Sannju is an entrepreneur, and He understands what level of dedication and support is necessary to help make a business successful. His wife Saliena, an MBA and MHA graduate, is also an integral resource, providing her expertise in healthcare marketing, finance and client services.

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