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October 29th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Yamilca Rodriguez

Yamilca Rodriguez is an artist, entrepreneur, activist, born in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.
Yamilca Rodriguez has collaborated with the best graphic and advertising agencies in the nation to design comprehensive brand strategies and consumer product innovations. She’s facilitated more than 70 Design Thinking sessions around the world, crafting brand visions and stories that span multiple categories and lead highly influential billion-dollar companies.

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2.) Jazzlynn oneal

Jazzlynn Oneal is a mother of 6 beautiful children, she is happy to share a piece of my world with those of you who have chosen to read about important times in my life. As a child, she grew up with a love for music. As she got older, she took my love of music from writing her own songs to writing about her major life events, which help mold her into the great woman she is today. The love that she has in my heart kept her from the evils of this world. When God made her, she knows he broke the mold. she has lived a humble life and she is thankful that she has lived and has learned and she will always be herself; self-love comes first. she knows you all will enjoy this book she has written, take it with you as your strength as it carries her.

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3.) Bonnie Frankel

Bonnie Frankel is an author, athlete, and inspirational exercise/sports training specialist. With her experience in instructing others, she has developed a unique plan utilizing the elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water that are shared in her book, Bonnie’s Theory – Finding the Right Exercise.
She made history by changing an N.C.A.A. (National Collegiate Athletic Association) rule, now known as “The Bonnie Rule.” Ms. Frankel became the oldest woman to compete in a Division 1 women’s sport – swimming. She is also known as a world-class runner, and trained to qualify for the Olympics, as she still trains today.

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4.) Joy Jones

Joy is the founder of DC Retro Jumpers, a double Dutch team that served as cultural ambassadors to Russia in 2018. Her other books include TAMBOURINE MOON, chosen as a Kid’s Pick of the List by the American Booksellers Association and featured on the Bernie Mac Show; PRIVATE LESSONS: A BOOK OF MEDITATIONS FOR TEACHERS and a how-to for teens, FEARLESS PUBLIC SPEAKING. she works for DC Public Library.
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