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October 5th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Jimmy Chebat
Jimmy Chebat is an enterprising business pioneer, has developed a digital initiative anticipated to address the paradigm shifts currently plaguing the workforce due in part to the workplace culture identity crisis and the ever-increasing rate of remote workers. His portfolio of past business ventures emphasizes his ability to identify challenges facing personnel management, generating innovative solutions using his experience in data analytics, automated intelligence, and gamification. The fourth industrial revolution is already here and it’s Jimmy’s fully integrated system that’s leading the digital transformation into the tomorrow we need.

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2.) Elva Green

Elva Green is brilliant and vibrant, passionate about her research and her work and the people she writes about. Today she is working on her second book (about the history of the TV show The Jeffersons)… but it is her close family connection to the truly iconic subject of her award-winning first book – her father, EDDIE GREEN – a legendary American entertainer of the stage, screen and song whose star rose more than a century ago in 1918 (he was the songwriter who wrote the still relevant A Good Man Is Hard To Find.

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3.) Thomas Drew

Co-founder Thomas Drew assisted in the creation of 1AND1 LIFE back in 2017 while completing his graduate degree at Columbia University. Growing up, Thomas was extremely active in sports, basketball being his saving grace. During his undergraduate stint as a college basketball player, Thomas discovered that the gym was a perfect stress reliever and release. In May of 2018, he stepped down from his position leading a division at a New York City Marketing Agency to focus all his efforts on creating 1AND1 LIFE to become the brand it is today.

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4.) Corey Lewis

Co-Founder Corey Lewis is currently a personal trainer and formerly a professional football player. His love for performance and fitness started in his early years when he began playing football. With his determination and drive, he found himself playing football in the Big Ten Conference at The University of Illinois. He was also given the opportunity to participate in the Academic All Big-Ten for three years and won the Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award.

Find more information about Corey at:

5.) Allison Almond

For over 20 years, she has distinguished herself as an expert in her field, by providing real-life results in Southern California. she works with her clients and their limitations to achieve their goals for their home. From whole house organizing, kitchen organizing, bathroom organizing, kids toy room organizing, and garage organizing, get the job done right the first time. Her extensive experience gives her clients peace of mind throughout the complex and sometimes stressful journey of organizing.

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