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Pt. 1 with Dr. Lane Rolling, MD! COVID-19 chat! Bring your questions and meet us at the Bar!

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In this episode, we are talking to Dr. Lane Rolling, MD. Dr. Lane Rolling, director and head of clinical education for the Tropical Pathology & Infectious Disease Association (TPaIDA). Rolling has conducted research in tropical and infectious diseases in Peru and has worked with native Peruvian shamans to find new drugs. He frequently lectures about tropical pathology and global infectious diseases and share his experiences working in clinical medicine in Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.

In part 1 of our extensive discussion, you will hear Dr. Rolling and special guest discuss concerns about COVID in minority communities, the political battle that many are seeing play out in front of our eyes and the fatal effects of COVID and the fear of what’s to come. 

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Black Virologist Makes Call to Action for Protection Against COVID-19


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