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Remember (2015) Christopher Plummer – Movie Reviews

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Christopher Plummer stars as Zev Guttman, a 90-year-old recent widower of German origin who embarks on a road trip to try to find and kill the culprit for many deaths in Auschwitz during World War II.  Guttman, whose severe dementia erases every short-term memory by the time he wakes up from sleeping, has escaped from his assisted care facility in New York with some cash and a detailed letter from a fellow survivor in the facility, Max Rosenbaum, telling Zev who he is and patient, memory-refreshing instructions on how to find the man who killed their families.  With a tip that this Nazi Block Commander had escaped somewhere in North America under the assumed name of Rudy Kurlander, Zev sets about going to each of the four men who fit the description until he finds the right one, and then he's going to end his life with a bullet from his store-bought Glock. 

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