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Sacha Stone – MOVING INTO A NEW REALITY – founder of “The New Earth Project”

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Freedom International Interviews Sacha Stone. A deep conversation into our responsibility to planet earth, and ourselves at this time. Sacha Stone is an Activist, Publisher, Public Speaker, Writer, and Film Maker. A deep conversation into truth, sovereignty, and moving into the golden spiral of Ascension.

He is the founder of The New Earth Project – The world’s most integrative movement for Sustainable,, Sovereign and Self Determining Communities. Sacha is the founder of Humanitad, an organization working to facilitate global initiatives impacting sustainability, Natural Justice, Social Ecology, and Human Rights. He is the Founder of the International Tribunal for social Justice and the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse. He is also the founder of the National World Organization promoting accountability and transparency in worldwide governance which directly challenges globalism. Sacha is truly committed to change on the planet. Recently introducing the Lazarus Initiative.

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