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September 17th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s Guest are:
1.) Amy Trout Hughes

Since earning her MBA in 2012, Amy Trout Hughes embraced her entrepreneurial spirit in unexpected ways. Leaving behind a 20+ year career as a Federal government consultant, in 2015, she combined her professional talents with a passion for corporate social responsibility and launched MultiHat Solutions, a consultancy providing advisory services to professional athletes and collegiate athletic departments engaging with non-profits and community organizations.

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2.) Reetu Gupta

Reetu Gupta is Co-founder and CEO of Cirkled In – An award-winning, 21st-century recruitment platform matching high school students with the best-fit colleges and universities, improving outcomes for both sides. Growing up in India, she was influenced by Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, wanting to better the world and leave a legacy. Helping her mom run an elementary school, education went deep into her DNA. She believed in Nelson Mandela’s quote of “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” and has been hard at work to bring education to all kids.

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3.) Amber Williams

I am the owner of ScentsXchange. We are a luxury self-care company specializing in scented candles. We strive for our customers to incorporate self-care every day. Our products relieve stress, provide relaxation, and improve your quality of sleep. I also help moms, wives, and entrepreneurs to incorporate self-care into their everyday schedule using the time they already have.

Find more information about Amber at:

4.) Beto Pallares

Ebetuel “Beto” Pallares is the fund manager of two early-stage venture capital funds as well as an investment advisor to a family office based in El Paso, TX. He is the Investor in Residence at New Mexico State University and is teaching classes on Entrepreneur Mindset and Capstone Strategy. He holds a BA, MA, and Ph. D.

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